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Mushrooms have gained momentum in recent years, as more and more turn to this powerful medicine for it’s therapeutic effect. 

We have 5 years experience growing the highest quality mushrooms.  Our organic mushrooms are grown on flaked coconut husks using rye grain, in a clean environment.  Each mushroom is hand-picked and inspected for quality.  We store our mushrooms within air-tight containers to retain maximum potency.  Shipping is completed within vacuum sealed bags, to ensure that the mushrooms remain dry during shipping.  

In small doses, mushrooms can be used for a boost in creativity, motivation, mood, and energy.  In larger doses, mushrooms provide access to profound altered states of consciousness. 

In small doses, mushrooms make you feel better, lethargic, relaxed, and generally better than when you started. Some mushrooms can take away feelings of hunger. Some stimulate the mind and help keep you productive and alert during difficult days at work, if you’re creative. Some give you the confidence to take on challenges you wouldn’t ordinarily attempt. Some give you the courage to accept responsibility. (Since my son died in 1998, I’ve done this with mushrooms, probably more than any other activity.) When you take mushrooms, you are letting go of the stuff that you want most – your control over your own life – and you’re accepting that you are in total control of your destiny.

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