Mushroom Mailer Reviews on Reddit!

Sharing some reviews about our service found on Reddit.

It was nice. We were in Naramata and we took them when we smoked cannabis on top of a hill overlooking the (Okanagan?) lake and some cherry fields. I almost had heat stroke but that’s fine. We collapsed into bed and we just enjoyed the mindset and visuals. I sobered up before she did and got trapped in the bathroom. She was filming herself on shrooms because at the time she wanted vacation/experience footage. Eventually all you hear is a drill and stuff in the background of her filming herself and the guy getting me out of the bathroom. It was very good for both of us. I sat by the creek afterwards and looked at the water and thought about the HK protest strategy, amongst other things.

They sure are. Their shrooms are good too in my opinion, but I am not a shroom connoisseur. I got the sample pack, the sample pack shrooms were like a 7/10.

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