Can Psliocybin Mushrooms Cure Depression?

Could the “magic” element of magic mushrooms – psilocybin – treat people with severe depression?  Could psychedelics be a treatment for anxiety?  These are some of the most interesting and important questions being investigated in the field of psychiatry. A patient in a state of chronic pain caused by chronic inflammation of the knee decided to try an out-of-the-box new treatment for her pain. Her pain was severe enough that she couldn’t even walk. She took 4 mushrooms and experienced a reduction of her pain and a whole spectrum of other feelings and sensations.  But the most fascinating part was that she reported a clear-cut change in mood.

Mushrooms cured my depression in a matter of hours.  I’ll never forget when I first ate mushrooms and I felt joyous and alive.  Some other time when I wasn’t sad, I’d experience the same feeling.  Even now when I’m in the thick of depression I would sometimes recover in a few hours.  One day, I heard a news clip about a plant that was being used for depression.  Suddenly I realised this plant cured me of depression in a matter of hours!  It had become normal for me to eat mushrooms, and every day for over a year I ate several wild mushrooms without a single negative result.  This plant had super powers!

The moment I was set free by the mushrooms was the moment I broke the chain of reliance that they want us bound to. They didn’t lead me on, they were the ones pulling me out of my comfort zone. These guys have great stories and love to share them with the living! Every person that made it out of a stage trip and came back said it was one of the most authentic experiences of their life. Because of my experience I went on to start my own company for the art and purposes of helping people heal. Its called NeuroTopical Solutions and its open to everyone regardless of past drug experience. I’ve done this work for over ten years now and believe that it is therapeutic therapy.

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